On February 17th we joined the Toulouse Summit of the second annual crQlr Awards hosted by FabCafe Global Toulouse! The whole day was structured around the Fab City concept of localizing production and consumption 🌍 We want to thank everyone who was involved in the organisation and all participants that really inspired us.

We won several prices at the crQlr Awards 2022 for our bold approach to disrupting the solar industry with a fair and circular solar panel! Co-founder Perine Fleury joined the Toulouse summit to talk about an industry beset with a range of problems, including a near-total reliance on non-recyclable glass and the use of forced labor in its supply chains πŸ›  

“We were really inspired by the maker movement, but what inspires us is for people to be able to make their own energy. From an environmental point of view, it actually doesn’t make sense to build your own solar panel. Our development kit is more educational. It’s a learning experience so people can know what a solar panel is, what the glass is, and how it becomes electricity. Then they can order the different parts that they need to make their own panel, and hack it so that it adapts and fits their needs.” – Perine Fleury

Read more about the whole Summit and our involvement on: https://lnkd.in/dCnhzWsj

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