We are an open-source design collective, publishing hardware under the Strongly Reciprocal CERN Open Hardware License V2. We want to promote collaboration among technology developers working towards a new design standard for fair and circular PV modules. You can support the technology development by replicating our design and submitting improvements. All relevant documentation can be found in the download kit below, or by visiting our wikifactory page. Additionally, you can submit designs and ideas through the open queries below. 

We know how hard it can be to implement circularity today. Are you a company, teacher, individual? We’re here to help you.


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The energy transition is kicking off. Solar is on your roof, their roof, everyone’s roof. Yet solar is also in landfills, being shredded, shipped to god knows where… with Biosphere Solar, we’re striving for a solar revolution where circularity, transparency,

and fairness are core ingredients. We’re developing a solar panel that is repairable, fully recyclable, and that strives to be 100% made of fair-trade ‘ingredients’. Don’t hesitate to read more about our product and mission in our about page


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Are you an engineer, designer, or just very passionate and enthusiastic? We want to develop our prototype with you! 

On the platform Wikifactory, you can find the latest OSH developments of the Biosphere Solar modules. If you have questions or want to collaborate in real time, join the global community Discord channel or reach out to us via email. 


Learn more about our product and its benefits over conventional solar panels


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Biosphere Solar provides thesis students the opportunity to carry out relevant and impactful research on various topics related to the solar industry and beyond. We are always open to supervising research that brings society one step closer to circular and fair standards in the PV industry. Reach out and shape the future of renewable energy with us! 

Biosphere Solar works closely with TU Delft, Leiden University and other leading institutes around the Netherlands. Students are encouraged to reach out if they wish to work with us in bringing circular and fair standards to the solar industry and market for example via internships. See below the work of previous students.  

Internal reports incoming!

Other research carried out with Biosphere Solar is published here. Feel free to reach out if you wish to contribute to our mission by showcasing your work. Biosphere Solar is always looking for the next step in circularity and fairness. 



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