The energy transition is kicking off. Solar is on your roof, their roof, everyone’s roof. Yet solar is also in landfills, being shredded, shipped to god knows where… with Biosphere Solar, we’re striving for a solar revolution where circularity, transparency, and

fairness are core ingredients. We’re developing a solar panel that is repairable, fully recyclable, and that is made of fair-trade ‘ingredients’. Don’t hesitate to read more about our product and mission in our about page


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And for that we need money! For over two years now, Biosphere Solar has been running fully on the work of volunteers and interns. But now is a critical time: we are 5 individuals working full-time on Biosphere Solar who can no longer work for free. So  here is where you come in! We’re asking for a salary of €1,300 to allow us to       

dedicate all our energy into revolutionising the solar industry. If you’re ready to change the future of energy with us, donate today and get society one step closer to having circular and fair solar panels on everyone’s roof.

What will your donation create? With your donation, we’ll spend the next 7 months finalising the designs for the circular and fair solar panel, installing pilot projects (including one at the beach of Den

Haag, Netherlands!), launching a small DIY solar panel and much, much more. Of course, you will also be able to follow exactly what we do on our GoFundMe page, LinkedIn and here on our website! 


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