Photovoltaics is the energy source of the future. But the use of solar panels and their inability to be repaired or recycled is creating a massive waste stream. Biosphere Solar is a global collective developing a fair and circular solar panel. We are setting new design standard for the solar industry, making circularity and transparency the norm. Our modular PV module design allows dissassembly and therefore repair or refurbishment, it can be upgraded with new technology, and it can be recycled at high value at its end-of-life. The hardware we develop is open-source, enabling standardisation and collaboration in the concepts developed to make fair and circular solar a reality. In our production, we strive to avoid human rights violations by working with sustainable and responsible suppliers.

The project is currently in the product development stage. Our target is to start pilot production in 2023 and enter the market in 2024. Our development is centered in Delft, the Netherlands.




We believe that the development of this new hardware technology needs as many people to work on it as possible, to change the solar industry as quickly as possible. This is why we use the method of open-source developing, enabling anyone to contribute to the concept. It does not mean someone else can patent it, we do protect it under a Creative Commons license. This means that anyone can access all the information, but they have to share their work. This way we aim to create a global network, a global community of people working together towards the shared vision of more fair and sustainable solar energy. All our documentation is openly available online, on our Wikifactory page and in the Discord channels.


Full transparency for a better future, not because we want to greenwash solar panels. We could have done a better job at that. On our LinkedIn and YouTube channel you can see we actually want to spotlight the unjust and destructive aspects of the solar industry. Knowing what is going on is necessary to know what we want to improve, and to show to the rest of the world. The hub of the Biosphere Solar collective is situated in Delft where we work with a group of passionate people, read more about the team on the About page. Open source might seem only related to the physical product, but it is actually much more than that: it shapes the relationships and our start-up at every level.




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