Biosphere Solar is currently developing its first fully circular PV module. It is a frameless glass-glass module, suited for a wide range of solar applications. The main difference to currently available PV modules is the absence of lamination, which is replaced by an an edge seal. This makes the module easier to assemble, disassemble and reduces its degradation rate. Our target is to finish a scalable product design by 2023, setting a new design standard in the solar industry. By 2024, this product should be available market-wide.

Traditional glass-glass PV module

Biosphere Solar’s modular design

Compared to traditional PV modules, the module does not have EVA lamination to encapsulate the cells. Rather, the module uses a special cell bed and modular cell interconnections. This makes the entire module disassemblable and reduces the degradation rate since there is no EVA yellowing. These aspects of the design are still under active development. Biosphere Solar is an open-source collective meaning anyone is invited to contribute


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